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The Race is on – and there’s a long way to go

March 10, 2016

In a recent Rich Roll Podcast[i] with Gary Vaynerchuk[ii], Gary is a pretty interesting character. Worth listening to the Podcast as he makes very interesting points on work, social media and marketing. Gary said the following – “You’ve got to know what you are good at — that’s the game. If I had a potion that could allow somebody to become fundamentally self-aware and know what they’re good at, they would all win.” – Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee

Torah Parsha (Portion) Pekudei in a Nutshell from

An accounting is made of the gold, silver and copper donated by the people for the making of the Mishkan. Betzalel, Aholiav and their assistants make the eight priestly garments—the apron, breastplate, cloak, crown, hat, tunic, sash and breeches—according to the specifications communicated to Moses in the Parshah of Tetzaveh.

The Mishkan is completed and all its components are brought to Moses, who erects it and anoints it with the holy anointing oil, and initiates Aaron and his four sons into the priesthood. A cloud appears over the Mishkan, signifying the Divine Presence that has come to dwell within it.

As I have often mentioned I really enjoy the day on a plate column in The Sunday Age. Last week there was no column. Actually the entire magazine was a bit weird. So I thought that since there was no column instead of sharing my day on a plate I would share a few titbits that I have picked up from various sources over the last week or two. Hope you enjoy.

As I have often said I often see the same quotes from various sources. Last week I was telling people I noticed a quote “Sitting is the new smoking” in the Australian newspaper from an article “On your feet, and watch what you eat”. The article focused on increasing exercise to increase longevity and decreasing kilojoules to increase weight loss. The question I wanted to ask is – Why are we sitting so much and how does this impact us? In a post on the Parsha by Rabbi Sacks titled – Don’t Sit: Walk[iii]. He also uses the same quote, Sitting is the new smoking and gives a good answer – “Like our bodies, our souls were not made for sitting still. We were made for moving, walking, traveling, learning, searching, striving, growing, knowing that it is not for us to complete the work but neither may we stand aside from it. In Judaism, as the book of Exodus reminds us in its closing words, even an encampment is called a journey. In matters spiritual, not just physical, sitting is the new smoking.”

foodwasteLoren noticed statistic that families waste 1/5th of the food purchased? That is hard to believe with the cost of food and the fact that there is no need to waste. We as a family always make use of leftovers, we even cook/ prepare to have leftovers – time saving strategy! Today I asked Loren what was for dinner and she said we would use leftovers. We all need to one cognisent of waste!

“We all love eating out, how much are we throwing out”  –

Yesterday on the radio they were discussing that BMI is a poor measure and that people are worrying when they see high BMI’s but they don’t think the over weight. I know BMI has it’s faults even I come up as being over-weight?? I think! – Stop looking for excuses and pushing the blame to the BMI. Just focus on eating healthy foods and keeping active. Noticed this Instagram post from my friend Lisa Fallon-Mindel – “Snack time here at our house Avocados supply you with heart #healthy monounsaturated fats and more than 20 essential #nutrients. Use it as a swap for mayo, sour creme, or butter. And research has it that people who eat avocado every day have a lower BMI. So skip the chips and go dip Get #healthy get #eating and get #running #wholebodybeautiful #avocadolove #goodfats #eatrealfood”

In a recent Ted talk on the adult colouring craze I noticed a nice quote – “Colouring is therapeutic but not therapy….The colouring book phenomenon is helping to reintroduce art as an important component of health and wellness,”  It’s not for me…

I recently read Mike Tyson’s autobiography “Undisputed Truth” and I am still to watch his “one man show”, but noticed the following quote from Mike – “Let’s face it I’m a thug I’ve been an animal, at times. People want to hear from me about what it’s like to be me.”

I can’t leave out the #lovegoodcoffe and #lovecraftbeer so below are some articles I recently noticed:

  • Craft Beer may be more expensive, but I love the different tastes etc. To me it’s an experience – “Craft beer is about getting the most out of the ingredients, rather than getting the most beer out of the ingredients” #craftedlive #beer
  • In a recent article[iv] on coffee consumption it said “More good news on coffee…” , Drinking coffee may be associated with a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), but you need to drink about 6 cups a day!!!

This weeks Parsha has a good lesson on strength training and trying/ perseverance. Below is something that I read after hearing Rabbi Chanan discuss the topic.

The possuk says ‫‘Vayakam Moshe’ (40:18) that Moshe raised the Mishkan. The Midrash Tanchumah says that neither Betzalel nor Aholiav could raise the Mishkan because of its great weight. Hashem said to Moshe, “you demonstrate as though you are raising the Mishkan and I will lift it for you”. The lesson is that even though the Mishkan was lifted through a miracle, since Moshe Rabeinu did his utmost to accomplish the feat on his own, it is attributed to Moshe as if he really did achieve it single-handedly. One should never surrender and say that a certain Mitzvah is above one’s capabilities. When necessary Hashem will provide the required support and one might succeed far above human expectations.

2 hourA few years ago at the start of the Great Ocean Marathon I was standing next to some Kenyan runners and I asked them what they eat before they run and for their training and they answered “Kenyan Food”. What is Kenyan Food? On the Weekend I read a book review on a new book “Two Hours: The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon” – To run a 2 hour marathon you need to run at a pace of YES 2:50 per km!. The review focused on the Kenyan runners and gave an answer to my question and provided some other interesting facts on these unbelievable athletes. First the Answer – Kenyan food is made up of very simple foods – ugali[v] (made from maize flour) and local vegetables.

Some of the interesting points it made regarding Kenyan athletes were:

  • There is something in the genes – Born at altitude with more efficient lungs and slender limbs helps to dissipate heat;
  • They clock up serious miles – often up to 200km per week. Often do 2-3 sessions per day!
  • Don’t cross-train; and
  • They sleep a lot.

To end a quote from South African runner Elana Meyer – “Loving the endorphins of being active!  #move more”





[ii] (born November 14, 1975, in Babruysk, former Soviet Union now Belarus) is an entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality.



[v] Ugali is a dish of maize flour, millet flour, or Sorghum flour cooked with water to a porridge- or dough-like consistency. It is the most common staple starch featured in the local cuisines of the African Great Lakes region and Southern Africa. Wikipedia

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  1. Mom permalink

    Interesting- pity you’re speaking to the converted. Not sure if others get the message! Well done

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