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Ironman Melbourne – PREVIEW

March 20, 2015

2015-03-19 10.10.34I was planning a Pre IronMan Melbourne Blog, but never got the time this week.

At the pre IronMan press conference I noticed the following quote – “You can’t fake an Ironman” @Mirindacarfrae true!

In a recent Podacst on a filmmaker Jennifer Steinman who just released a film Desert Runners about the – The Ultimate Test of Human Endurance: Conquering the 4 Deserts Race Series”. She made the following quote –  “The thing I really learned was that the difference between the people who made it and the people who didn’t make it had nothing at all to do with fitness. It had purely to do with the belief that they thought they were going to make it.” – Jennifer Steinman

I am going to finish this #IMMelbourne

I always try remember the 4F – Form, Focus, Friendship and I am definitely going to try have Fun. Hope to see lots of Friends on the Route. May be hard to find me or estimate times at a certain place. (Easier to find my name in the picture attached) I love the support.

Have a Good Shabbos

To End a Quote from Triathlon Coach Simon Ward – “Triathletes are abnormal. No ordinary person would put themselves through what we do each day. In our heads we are entirely normal  and its everyone else who is mad!”


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