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Wellness Warrior!!

November 13, 2013

untitled“I am an athlete. I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying”. – Sports Greats on Twitter

Vayishlach in a Nutshell from – – Jacob returns to the Holy Land after a 20-year stay in Charan, and sends angel-emissaries to Esau in hope of a reconciliation, but his messengers report that his brother is on the warpath with 400 armed men. Jacob prepares for war, prays, and sends Esau a large gift (consisting of hundreds of heads of livestock) to appease him.

That night, Jacob ferries his family and possessions across the Jabbok River; he, however, remains behind and encounters the angel that embodies the spirit of Esau, with whom he wrestles until daybreak. Jacob suffers a dislocated hip but vanquishes the supernal creature, who bestows on him the name Israel, which means “he who prevails over the divine.”

Jacob and Esau meet, embrace and kiss, but part ways. Jacob purchases a plot of land near Shechem, whose crown prince—also called Shechem—abducts and rapes Jacob’s daughter Dinah. Dinah’s brothers Simeon and Levi avenge the deed by killing all male inhabitants of the city, after rendering them vulnerable by convincing them to circumcise themselves.

Jacob journeys on. Rachel dies while giving birth to her second son, Benjamin, and is buried in a roadside grave near Bethlehem. Reuben loses the birthright because he interferes with his father’s marital life. Jacob arrives in Hebron, to his father Isaac, who later dies at age 180. (Rebecca has passed away before Jacob’s arrival.)

Our Parshah concludes with a detailed account of Esau’s wives, children and grandchildren; the family histories of the people of Seir, among whom Esau settled; and a list of the eight kings who ruled Edom, the land of Esau’s and Seir’s descendants.

In this week’s Parsha Jacob makes the famous statement – “v’chi yesh li kol (33:11)” – I have all.

The Rabbi’s explain – Those who set their sights on spiritual growth and accomplishment understand that, in terms of their materialistic standing, Hashem has sent them exactly what they need. Yesh li kol! As we say in our daily morning blessings: “she’asah lee kol tzarchee” – You have given me all of my needs. Happiness and satisfaction result not from what we have but rather, from how we deal with and view that which we have.

I believe that part of the way we can achieve this spiritual growth is to be fit and healthy. Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Father), links our spiritual and physical wellbeing. “All your actions should be directed to Heaven.” — Rabbi Yossi in Pirkei Avot 2:12. In discussing this section of Pirkei Avot, the Rabbis say that one should intend to be healthy and strong in order that he should have a spirit capable of knowing G-d, for it is impossible to understand wisdom if one is hungry or ill, or if one of his limbs aches. If he follows this course all his life he is constantly serving G-d, even in his business activities and his marital relations, for his motive is always to achieve the wholesomeness required to serve G-d. If he sleeps in order to rest his mind and body and so will avoid illnesses that prevent him from serving G-d, his sleep is also considered a positive act of service. –

Over the last few years I have been posting these Blogs, posting recipes, pictures of healthy cooked & raw foods and posting details of my exercise on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress (Ignoring the Coffee and Beer posts). Loren always says it is “corny” that I post these pictures. I personally think I am TRYING to promote a healthy lifestyle that physically I have benefited from. Yesterday I went for an annual doctor check-up and was told that I was a “model patient”. The Doctor even printed out my cholesterol and triglycerides information so I could brag to my friends.

1452059_447935005316468_328311423_nMy aim of following and “promoting” a healthy lifestyle is to be as fit healthy and happy as possible AND hopefully trying to get others to do the same.

As you all know I often listen to Podcasts. A few weeks back I listened to a Rich Roll Podcast of Deborah Szekely[1]. Rich Roll describes her as the “The Godmother of Wellness – On Pioneering Healing and the Future Health of the Planet.” She is over 90 years old, her life story is very interesting. One of the points that she made that I feel justifies what I am trying to do is she said “Everyone has to be a Warrior. Our Health is worth fighting for”. I think if I can try influence others to change I have won the battle.

One of the influences that has made me continue to pursue both writing this Blog, keeping fit and improving myself are the many Shiurim that I try to listen to while in my car, as I don’t always have the time to attend Shiurim during the week. In my humble opinion I do not believe that I am “Spiritual Warrior” that is qualified to try influence people spiritually. There are far better qualified people from the Kollel, Ohr Somayach, Aish and Chabad. At last week’s Chabad Conference in New York the Guest speaker Sen. Joseph Lieberman told the crowd: “You go forward with competency, fearless because you know you have a mission to perform,….As a result, there is no movement in Judaism today like Chabad.”

I am happy to answer people’s questions or try give them advise on diet, training and lifestyle, but I am no expert. So if you do need proper advice I suggest you contact professionals who have a far deeper knowledge and understanding.

While searching for an Image of a Wellness Warrior for my blog I came across Cancer Survivor, Jessica Ainscough Wellness Warrior Website – and noticed the following on her site:




Permanent transformation is not about overnight reinvention. It takes day-by-day, hour-by-hour, breath-by-breath action. It takes courage. It takes hope. It takes a tribe of loving friends.

And it all begins with a simple decision:

To treat your body with absolute kindness — no matter what.

If you’re ready for that first step, I’m proud of you already.

And I can’t wait to meet you inside this incredible community.

To end a quote:

“There are some machines you can entrust to others. There are people who know how to make them as well or better than yourself. But there is one that you can entrust to no one else; it is the temple…the body…it is for you yourself to readjust it and make it harmonious.” –  Edmond Szekely (Husband of Deborah Szekely), from his book “Cosmos, Man and Society” (1936) – See more at:


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  1. Alex permalink

    What should u eat before a big race?

  2. Mom permalink

    Enjoyed. Quotes & explanations very gd. Luv xxx

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