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Rest & Test

September 16, 2011

What keeps me going is goals.” –Muhammad Ali. My goal is to get to Canberra 70.3 in good shape and I am doing what my coaches are saying is required even if it does not feel quite right.

In this weeks parsha Ki Tavo The Israelites are commanded to bring the first of their fruit to the Temple, and to deliver all tithes to their proper recipients. Moses explains how the blessings and curses are to be proclaimed on Mts. Grizzim and Ebal when the Jewish nation enters into Israel. He then details the blessings they will receive for following the commandments of the Torah, and the calamities which will result from disregarding them.

The parsh also explains the Shmittah Cycle ie the Sabbatical Year when the land is left to rest in Israel. Jews are commanded to observe periods of rest namely Shmittah and Sabbath. I recently read an article on the ABC titled – On the Seventh Day, he logged off, describing how people are taking a break from technology . We all need to rest.

In my training last week I had a “Rest & Test” week. This was really weird for me who normally trains 6-7 times a week. The same way details of the blessing that will the Jews will receive for following the commandments, I am sure that that week will benefit my body as my training progresses. (I was a bit stiff after my runs this week).

As Joe Friel says ” Successful athletes train both hard AND smart. Training smart is the hard part.” Having a Rest week and following the training programs of your coaches is hopefully the SMART part. Thanks RideWrap –

Have a Good Shabbos.

PS – The TEST part of the week was setting benchmarks and repeating previously set benchmarks – A 3Km Time Trial Run, A 1km Time Trial Swim and 2 8 Minute power rides on rollers






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