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Three plus F’s

September 3, 2011


Parsha Shoftim is described as the ‘law and order’ parsha of the Torah, so to speak. Implicit in studying it is the realization of the delicate balance between an ordered society, with some restraints on personal freedom and expression, and, on the other hand, a society of complete personal freedom but also of anarchy and chaos.

In reading the Parsha I noticed the following. “Righteousness, righteousness, shall you pursue.” (16:20) Why does it need to say righteousness twice? We see often in the Torah that words are used to emphasise a point G-d is trying to get across!! Being Righteous isn’t enough in Hashem’s eyes!!! one must be righteous and pursue righteousness!

Robyn was such a person, what you saw you got, but she also did more for all the people close to her. Rabbi Reichenberg in his Hesped said things in a much clearer and sisynched way. But one thing I will repeat is that we are all “silenced” by her death. Robyn you will be missed.

While doing the Shepparton Half Ironman last year I noticed a competitor with Three F’s on his arm. I asked what they were and was told it stood for “Form, Focus & Fun“. To me the important part of competing in triathlon is to have fun. But there are other F’s like Family & Friendship.

On Friday my Chuvrusah Menachem Chenan told us a story of a man who showed him a death certificate of his sister who had died 40 years earlier in Israel, and he wanted someone to try translate the Hebrew and tell him the cause of death. Menachem said he invited the man into the Kolel and said to him that he can not keep looking into the past and trying to get the full story of what had happened to his sister, but has to start doing things in the memory of his sister.

As a friend of Robyn’s I would like people to start now to do something in Robyn’s honour like going to an extra shiur, giving charity or just giving Robyn a mention when using one of her recipes.

But there is more we can all do… The great Iron Woman, Chrissie Wellington, spoke in a recent article about her attempts to speed up by slowing down. We all live very hectic lives and do not make use of our free time and weekends. A week before Robyn passed away she spoke to friends about the things she would like to try. What we all need to do is to try slow down and have “fun” with our family and friends and try not waste the precious time we have with them.



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