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The Fruits of our Labour

August 17, 2011

In last weeks Parsh Vaetchanana, Moshe’s prayers to Hashem to be permitted to enter  Eretz Yisrael. The Parsha begin with the word “Vaetchanan”  whose numerical equivalent is 515. Our Sages point out that this was  the number of prayers offered by Moshe for this privilege to enter Israel. Although  his pleas/ prayers to enter Israel were rejected, the commentators teach that if a person prays and it is not answered, he should not give up – that even if a person does not see results from his prayers, he should still continue. No matter what transpires, a person should remain persistent

I recently saw a quote from Cadel Evans after winning the Tour De France – “At first I thought I could, then I worked, then I believed I could, suddenly I was convinced I could, and finally I did!”

Or a Quote from Coach Troy to step up your training – “Today, shake up your training. Do something difficult that challenges you and moves the needle of the suffer… “

As a parent we know that we can pray for our children, bless them on a Friday night, but the best results are achieved by putting in effort and spending time with our Kids. Last weekend Loren & Michaela went on a Mother & daughter weekend and Sam & I spent the weekend together. (See Pics)

For the Mother & daughter weekend, the girls hired a local DJ in Bachus Marsh and he had this to say about the girls – “Just wanted to send a follow up email to you and the other Mums in relation to Saturday night.

I have to say I was very touched by the sentiment of the night.  The world today is becoming a very sad place and to see that a group of mothers can take time from what can be a very hectic schedule for you all, to spend quality time with your daughters is admirable.  If more people in the world did this, then I am sure the world would be a better place to live and grow.

I would also like to say that in the 6 years I have been DJ’ing parties, I would have to say this was the most enjoyable and the kids were absolutely the best I have played for.  ALL so very polite and thankful.  These are the qualities that I instill into my children, and it is great to see that others too value manners and sharing of good and safe times with friends as well.

When I had just about finished packing up on the night and was heading out to the car, there were two girls leaving the rest room.  Both stopped and said thank you and how much fun they had.  This was fantastic and shows to me that what you all are doing in your group/families, is working and the children you are raising today, will go on to be adults who will contribute to there community in ways that others will be envious.”

Moses was not able to enter Israel, but has tought us to never stop praying and puting in the effort, Cadel was able to win the TDF, Loren & I are “pushing the needle” in our training for this weeks Sandy Point Half marathon (Loren’s 1st) and we are both seeing the benefit of the parenting & education we are giving our children.


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One Comment
  1. hayley permalink

    sounds like a very special weekend, with special girls!

    wish my training was going as well, but injured ankle, so only on ‘go-slow’!!!

    good luck to the half – I’m sure you’ll be great!

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