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Never stop Learning

August 7, 2011

The final book of the Torah, Dvarim, is also known as Mishneh Torah – the restatement and review of the Torah. Though the book of Dvarim does contain within it descriptions of mitzvoth/commandments there were not previously mentioned in the Torah, it nevertheless remains mainly a review of the previous books of the Chumash.

I am quoting something a read from Rabbi Berrel Wein – I think that the review is always necessary for even though the words of the Torah are the same and are unchangeable, the person studying those words is constantly undergoing change.  Human life never stands still. Life shapes our appreciation of knowledge gained. It makes us wiser and more foolish all at one and the same time. Things that we thought we knew and understood are now mysteries to us and what we did not understand and appreciate at an earlier stage of life now become relevant and essential.

Coach Troy Jacobson says that IM 70.3 racing blends the need for both speed and endurance.  In many ways, an IM 70.3 training program  will resemble that of an Olympic distance one, with the possible exception of longer “long days” and an extended aerobic endurance base period.  In any case, incorporating shorter and faster  workouts each week for speed development is a key to IM 70.3 success.

What does this all mean?

One of the aspects of my training is trying to get around all these training concepts and jargon, that I suppose I took for granted in earlier years. Concepts like “Base Training”, “Aerobic Trehhold”, “Brick Workouts” and “Periodization”. This does not include any of the elements of nutrition I have had to learn and incorporate into my life.

Rabbi Wein’s words ring true for us all. We can never stop learning. Learning shapes who and what we are.

I have always had a simple philosophy of do everything in moderation. Through my learning about IM 70.3 training, I am realising you have to do MORE!

I just want to add something on Tisha B’Av from A blog by Rabbi Angel that I read – As we prepare for the observance of Tisha B’Av, let us take time to ponder the mystery and the wonder of Jewish peoplehood. The Exodus was the formative
experience that propelled our people into history, with the principles of freedom and human dignity. The Exile was the experience that underscored our national courage, resilience, compassion and determination. The Torah was—and is—the foundation of our spiritual teachings, our ideas and our ideals.


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