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August 2, 2011

This past weeks Torah parsha was Maasei, meaning Journeys. I have decided to embark on another Journey to do the Canberra 70.3 (or IronMan) in December this year.

The Parsha sets out all the stops the Jews made in the dessert. The Commentators teach us that we must all learn from our past Journey.

Sunday, which was a beautiful pseudo Spring day in Melbourne, was the start. We went for a tough ride in the beautiful hills of Frankston/ Mt Eliza. It was a killer for someone who has not done hills since leaving South Africa 16 years ago!

Joe Friel, whose bog I follow in talking about interval training said – “It’s the same for you. You simply can’t do the race every time you train. You would soon implode. But if you break it down into shorter segments (intervals) at some measure of racelike effort (pace, power, heart rate) then you can do the “race” in your training.”

A Journey can not be one continuos trip, it needs to be broken down with a number of stops along the way.

This does not only apply for my training for Canberra, but to life in general. I hope you enjoy my Journey.

NOTE: Any suggestions for a name for my Blog?


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  1. Jeff Brodie permalink

    Go for it Ian!

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